The Titular Devil, With Hand

The Titular Devil, With Hand

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Yark Slideshow

I posted this slideshow over at Youtube, and now I'm posting it here. . Yark is a parody of a certain fantasy author...the protagonist, Snash, is a goblin, a runt-Yark, who hatches out in the evil fortress of Mount  Adamant, and goes to work in the mailroom, afterwards rising through the ranks as an unwilling spy for different factions. Along the way, he meets various personae, including the entire membership of the imprisoned White's available on Amazon. Here are the pictures...


Mount Adamant
Snash Asleep
Snash And Slagbag
Tossed From A Tower
Glolob's Glasses
Princess Luvliel
The Shark Lord's Eyeballs
Being Followed?


Won't it Leak?

Glargle At Overflowing Fist
Sharks On The Ceiling
Nognomen Buys It
On The Board
Glargle And The Gauntlet
Luliel's Luvly Cell
Luvliel Lowers herself

Lets Her Hair Down

A Nameless Thing
The Shark Lord
Shark Dogfight
Split Hellrog
Glargle And The Acorns
Tim Bimbottom
Bimbottom And The Ogres
Oakenwife Spiral
One-Bimbottom Band
Serpentar And The Ice-Flowers
Serpentar Blazin'
The Fall of Mount Adamant
Serpentar Comes Back Out
Snash Slagbag---Shades

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