The Titular Devil, With Hand

The Titular Devil, With Hand

Monday, October 1, 2012

The Dead Slideshow

Hey there...

I posted a Youtube version of this, using Karl Jenkins's Dies Irae as background music...since most people these days buy the book on Kindle, and the permuted Press Kindle version doesn't have the illos, I decided to put them up here on Choppertime, sans the score, unfortunately. Anyway, here are the pictures; if you click on one, it gets big, and you get the whole slideshow too...


Dear Old Dad
The Resurrection
The Last Judgement
Mom's Gone
Jersey Shore
Dunk Dies Badly
The Angel Fish
Mr. Bullerton
Father Ted's Face
Dear Old Dad Final
In The Tunnel
Uncle Buddy's Elbow
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Legion Raises The Cairn
Max and Legion
The Bonewolves
Father Ted's Face 2
Max And Legion 2
Dragging Legion's Throne
Jersey Shore 2
Bonewolves 2
Max And The Cairn
Max On The Bridge
Father ted And MacAleer
Wheels Within Wheels
Max And Legion 3
Gary Gets Caught
Gary Gets Caught

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