The Titular Devil, With Hand

The Titular Devil, With Hand

Monday, March 26, 2012

Fourth Dose of Flaming Sword Pics

All, right, I’m going to go all out and post all the remaining paintings at once. This is turning out really well...the pics look pretty swell all blown up when you click on them. Here goes...

Remember, in the last installment, there was a picture of a Nightmare? Well, the first picture here shows a whole mess of them. Zorachus has a huge fight with them.

The picture with the frogs riding other frogs is called, unsurprisingly, Frogriders. These guys show up right at the beginning of Killing Brother Forty, the Third and final volume of Flaming Sword.

The second and third pictures show a big pseudo-parrot named Interpreter Bird. He lives with a bunch of good Nightmare-like creatures called the Jugglers (that’s them behind him in the third painting), and he translates for them.

The fourth picture shows the trilogy’s mightiest monster, a flying napalm-dripping leviathan who’s so big you can see him from orbit. His name is The Ourak-Huroum, and if the other monsters haven’t gotten you, he probably will.

The next to last picture is of Brother Forty. He’s the angel responsible for the creation of organic life, and he stands at the threshold of the Garden with his freaky flaming blade, although he’s always present in the rest of the canyon as well. Generally, he appears to be a cranky old hermit (if there’s a movie he should be played by a Bollywood actor named Naseeruddin Shah), but he’s not even remotely human...the picture shows him just beginning to transform into something very very strange.

The final painting shows a creature who guards the southern wall of the Shuddering Mountains. He has orders to kill anyone who comes in, but will let you pass if you’re on the way out...

I’m going to paint a lot more of these things...I’ve sold all of these...I’d like to do an art book called One Hundred Monsters from the Khudah Darya. What do you think?


  1. I think all of these these are awesome.

  2. I would pre order that book right this second if you made that. I love them.