The Titular Devil, With Hand

The Titular Devil, With Hand

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Even more Flaming Sword Pics

I hope you're enjoying these, because I'm going to pitch eleven more at you.

That first pictures shows one of those big Crocodilian Hogs, being hunted by Chiselteeth, which are pack-hunting predators who have long nasty teeth sticking straight forward from their mouths...they run at their prey real hard, drive their teeth in, then bounce back. You'll notice they have padded upper lips.

The second picture shows Tyanyo-Ne, who could be described as a subarctic ninja woman...she's buddies with Spear of Terror, and they're riding on Hero Eel, Spear's "Big Brother," a giant talking otter.

Painting number three shows the chief of the evil otters, Scorpion Head, so-called because he wears a live scorpion as a headdress.

The fourth picture shows a Nightmare. What the hell these things evolved from, I don't know. They start off small, but grow as long as they live, putting on extra arms. There are zillions of them, and they're extremely vicious.

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