The Titular Devil, With Hand

The Titular Devil, With Hand

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Toy Story 3

Just saw Toy Story movie I've seen in a long time. Generally, I don't get completely caught up in movies anymore, but TS3 really did it for me. The writing is ingenious, the jokes are consistently funny, the main bad guy is truly hateful, and the scares aren't soft-pedalled, nope, not one bit. This thing is more frightening than most horror movies...the climax is really hellish and jaw-dropping. I don't know about you, but I like a liberal splash of terror in my kids' movies. The scene in Pinocchio where Lampwick changes into the donkey is one of the high-water marks in screen fright, and one of my favorite bits of cinema business; I loved the vastly underrated Return to Oz with its electroshock stuff, and detached heads, and the Gnome King being so balls-out nightmarish; David Warner wiping out all comers at the end of Time Bandits is mighty choice too. For that matter, the original Toy Story had some very unnerving stuff...remember the mangled toys coming up out of that mud puddle in the back yard? Well, TS3 tops that in spades. Which isn't to say the thing is lacking in's actually a pretty effective tearjerker...everybody in the audience was snivelling at the end, then applauding. I was kinda worried by Cars, and Wall-E, but between Up and Toy Story 3, most of my fears about Pixar are assuaged, at least temporarily. I just wish they hadn't been absorbed by Disney...I had stock in them when they were a separate production company, and much preferred that to having stock in the Mouse. Had stock in Marvel too, and then they pulled the same stunt...nowhere to hide except gold...sigh...
Hey, do you like the tadpole picture? It's an illo from an unpublished turtle kid's book by my philosopher wife.

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