The Titular Devil, With Hand

The Titular Devil, With Hand

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Some Pinups

Okay, so, I've done some pinups lately, and here they are.
The first picture is called is called Apple Cheek'd, and the model is my friend Jordyn.
The second one shows my friend Hanna, and it's called Over The Shoulder.
The third one is also Hanna, and it's called Repast 2.
The fourth one is called Mahie Gill. She's a Bollywood actress.
The fifth one is called Vidya Balan. She's another B-wood gal.
The sixth picture is called "That's All Very Well, But What About these?" That's Jordyn again.
The seventh picture is Hanna again, and it's called On The Cloth.
The eighth picture is called Unclasp'd, and the model is my good buddy Chantal.
All of these pictures are for sale, by the way, except for Unclasp'd, which was bought. You can have any of 'em for three hundred bucks.

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  1. Hi Mark,
    I recently bought one of your paintings on the secondary market and would like to find out a bit more about it. Could you drop me a line at ataylorATmindspringDOTcom, please? Been a fan forever, used to see you at the Atlanta Fantasy Fair often.
    Anthony Taylor