The Titular Devil, With Hand

The Titular Devil, With Hand

Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Latest Book

When I woke up this afternoon (yeah, I work nights) I was very pleased to see that a couple of cases of my latest book had arrived from Infinity's called Yark...and it's kind of a cross between How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying and Tolkien. Snash, a runt-goblin, hatches out in a sub-basement of a very dark tower, and goes to work in the mail-room...acting as a reluctant spy for different factions, he rises through the evil organization, floor by floor. But instead of trying to replace the terrifying top dog,Lord Serpentar, Snash decides to bring the whole damned system down. I did thirty-six illos for the thing, and they turned out pretty nice...I've got a convention, Balticon, coming up this weekend at Hunt Valley, and I'll be selling the books there. They should be popping up on Amazon shortly...I bet you could buy them from Infinity right now.

I've got five more books in the pipeline---was writing a whole lot for the past seven years or so. Besides Yark, there's one called Lilitu, which might have to be split into two volumes; I think it's the slickest thing I've ever written, and it's pretty damn might remember Lilitu from the Zancharthus trilogy; well, this time she gets her own show. It's actually the first book in the Zorachus series, I guess.

I also wrote another Zorachus entry, this one with the man himself, set three hundred years after Blood of the Lamb. It's really'll have to be divided into three parts, I think. It's called Flaming Sword, and it's about a bunch of fanatics who've located the Garden of Eden, and want to get in and make themselves gods. But paradise is defended by a multitude of monsters under the command of Brother Forty, the angel who instantiated the whole organic-life shebang at heaven's behest...knowing they can't possibly defeat such a guardian, the baddies set a trap for Zorachus, and, aided by a devil who has it in for Brother Forty, succeed in enslaving history's deadliest sorcerer, thus setting up a ferocious showdown, angel vs. wizard, at the gates of the garden. If you liked the other Z-books, I expect you'll really like FS.

All for now. Maybe I'll see some of you at Balticon.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Just Getting Started

Hey There...
My daughter Soph, aka Moroturkey, set up her blog, Kambodia Hotel (check it out), using, and the results looked good to me, so now I'm following her example...I plan to post as much artwork as this format will allow, and chances are you haven't seen a lot of it. I'm going to put some in slideshows, one of which, for The Dead, Is already up over on Youtube. I'm also going to spout off. In any case, if you want to know what I'm up to, this will be a good place to come, although I've been up all night, and I don't intend to do any more work on this thing. Talk to you shortly.
Mark E. Rogers